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Waders fishing boots

Waders fishing boots

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Manufacturer: LLC "YUKOV LTD" (TM KLARKO), Ukraine

Protective properties:

DSTU EN ISO 20347:2015,

DSTU EN ISO 6110:2001

Material of boots: polyvinyl chloride (PVC, PVC)

Material of the extension: high-tech plastic from polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and nitrile rubber on a polyester base covered.

Density of the material of the extension: 750 g/m2.

Color: green (swamp)

Size range: from 41 to 47 size

By individual order, it is possible to make braids in other sizes and colors. 

Protection against water, dirt, snow, chemicals, biological and infectious agents, radioactive dust.

Boots - waders are made according to modern welding technology using high-tech equipment, which guarantees their 100% waterproofness, as well as the exclusion of options for ungluing and drying of seams.

The boots have properties of resistance to acids, alkalis, frost, petrol, fats, oils and ultraviolet light. There is no feeling of a cold sole. In such boots, the legs get less tired and stay warm.

The wader boot extension is made of durable waterproof material with the addition of nitrile and polyurethane, which provides chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and aggressive solutions, high weather resistance and resistance to sunlight. This material is used to make insulating chemical protection suits. In comparison with ordinary fabrics made of polyvinyl chloride, which are usually used for waders and semi-overalls, this material has high mechanical resistance indicators.

The knee area is reinforced with an additional layer of material.

They are used during rescue, emergency and repair work on water supply and sewage systems and other communications, as well as when working on industrial fishing vessels, chemical, metallurgical, mining, etc.

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