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LLC "YUKOV LTD" (TM KLARKO) was registered in Ukraine in 2005 and is a Ukrainian manufacturer of protective clothing and footwear.
At first it was a small family business, and today it is already a factory with 50 employees.

KLARKO is a line of water-resistant chemical protective clothing and shoes, which have found wide use both among professionals and in the tourist, fishing, and hunting spheres.

TM KLARKO protective clothing is used:
communal services, units of emergency services for rescue operations, disinfection and disinfection services, doctors, employees of food enterprises and large industrial plants, ports, nuclear industry enterprises, as well as fishermen, hunters and tourists.

Since 2014, the company, in cooperation with the Defenders of Ukraine, has developed and produces a line of goods (clothing, shoes, equipment and accessories) for the military: tactical series KLARKO.

Protective clothing and footwear produced by "YUKOV LTD" LLC (TM KLARKO) is certified for compliance with European quality standards for chemical protective work clothing and footwear.
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