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Waders fishing half-overalls

Waders fishing half-overalls

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Manufacturer: LLC "YUKOV LTD" (TM KLARKO), Ukraine

Protective properties:
DSTU EN ISO 20347:2015,
DSTU EN ISO 6110:2001

Material of boots: polyvinyl chloride (PVC, PVC)
Material of semi-overalls: high-tech plastic made of polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and nitrile rubber on a polyester basis.
Density of the material of the extension: 750 g/m2.
Color: green (swamp)
Size range: from 37 to 47 size

Protection against water, dirt, snow, chemicals, biological and infectious agents, radioactive dust.

The volume of the overalls from above: 140 cm Height: 140 cm From the groin to the top: 65 cm.

Strong tear-resistant material with nitrile, ensures tightness, water resistance and chemical protection. Compared to ordinary PVC fabrics, this fabric has a much higher resistance to mechanical influences.

The overalls are made by the welding method, which guarantees 100% tightness and waterproofness.

The model has a waist width of 140 cm, which will give comfort even to Bogatyrs. Suspenders are made of high-quality tactical fastex made of nylon with length adjustment and a jumper that prevents the belt tape from slipping off the shoulders, the back lower part with reinforced rubber for good cushioning when bending and squatting. To prevent the ends of the suspender belt from hanging down, there is a locking frame. There is an increase in the area of the knees. There is a removable inner pocket for small items. The top of the overalls is lined with a soft and durable cuff, which is tightened with a cord and tightly pressed to the body. Such a soft cuff prevents water from entering the middle of the half-overall.

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