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Suit of chemical and biological protection modern L-1

Suit of chemical and biological protection modern L-1

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Name: suit of chemical and biological protection

Manufacturer, country of origin:
"YUKOV LTD", Ukraine

Article: CHEM.1.L-1.HDE.450

Compliance with standards:
DSTU EN 13034:2017
DSTU EN 14126:2008
DSTU EN 14605:2017 type 3B
DSTU EN 1149-5:2015
DSTU EN ISO 13688:2016
DSTU EN 343:2015
DSTU EN ISO 13982-1:2009
DSTU EN ISO 20347:2015

Suit material: high-tech multi-layer composition based on polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polycarbonate and nitrile rubber on a polyester basis.
Green (olive) - material density 750 g/m2
Orange - material density 500 g/m2
Sizes: from 48 to 62

Material of boots: polyvinyl chloride
Shoe sizes: from 37 to 46.

The modern L-1 chemical protection suit is made as a set of half-overalls with welded boots, and a jacket of a straight silhouette with a hood (with a front fastener or without a fastener (with a one-piece front)).
A set of jacket and semi-overalls:
The jacket has a one-piece front. The sleeves are fastened with Velcro. The hood is hermetically connected to the jacket with volume adjustment along the face line and height adjustment.
The straps of the semi-overalls are fastened with fastex made of wear-resistant nylon. The half-overall is equipped with an internal pocket, the model provides for the possibility of tightening the upper part to prevent liquid from seeping into the middle of the half-overall. The special anatomical cut ensures the simplicity and convenience of human movements when performing a wide range of work.
The knee area is reinforced with an additional layer of material.
Boots with a grooved anti-slip double-layer sole are hermetically welded to the overalls, which completely excludes the possibility of their peeling and/or tearing.
The material of the suit is resistant to temperature changes and ultraviolet light - it does not break down, does not crack, retains all protective properties and allows you to work at low temperatures down to -20°C. Provides protection against concentrated organic and inorganic reagents, finely dispersed particles of solid substances, powders and biologically hazardous substances.
The chemical protection suit is designed to protect the skin and basic clothing of workers from: water, chemically toxic and aggressive substances, disinfectants; exposure to solutions of acids and alkalis; exposure to fats, oils, oil and oil products; general industrial pollution, as well as to protect the skin and basic clothing of workers during disinfection, decontamination, emergency, repair, construction, assembly, dismantling and other types of work.
The suit is worn over the main clothing when performing work at nuclear plants, mines, mining and beneficiation enterprises for the extraction and processing of radioactive elements and emergency and rescue measures of units for the elimination of emergency situations, as well as at enterprises with a high level of danger, when carrying out work at utility enterprises , works on disinfection of premises, shops, tanks.
Seams are monolithically soldered or glued with a special tape.
Together with the suit, the following are provided: the manufacturer's quality passport for the product, the type examination certificate, the declaration of compliance of the personal protective equipment with the requirements of the Technical Regulations and the conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination.
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