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KLARKO - sealed water-resistant and chemical-resistant clothing and shoes

Storm suit

Storm suit

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Name: storm suit
DSTU EN ISO 13688:2016
DSTU EN 343:2015
DSTU EN 13034:2017
DSTU EN ISO 1149-5:2019
Material: polyester base covered with PVC material with nitrile rubber and special varnish protective surface coating
Article number: 011/KSHPVCH
Sizes: 48-50, 52-54, 56-58, 60-62
Color: green (olive) 750 g/m2 or orange 500 g/m2
Seams: soldered, full tightness
Manufacturer: LLC "YUKOV LTD", Ukraine

The fabric of the suit has a density of 450-500 grams per square meter, contains nitrile rubber and has a protective three-layer protective chemical-resistant surface finish that prevents the material from cracking, increases frost resistance, elasticity, wear resistance and dirt repellency.
Thanks to the new technology of monolithic welding of seams without glue and adhesive tapes, seams do not leak over time, do not pass water and do not interfere with human movements during operation. Straps on quick-release tactical fastex, with an additional jumper to prevent slipping off the shoulders.

Description of the suit: The storm suit consists of a half-overall and a straight silhouette jacket with a hood. The inner sleeve is equipped with a wrist strap with a drawstring to prevent liquid from getting inside. The jacket fastens with a zipper and closes with a strip with a contact fastener. The jacket can have a one-piece front.
The hood is pulled with a drawstring along the front line.
Semi-overall with straps made of elastic tape, which is adjustable in length with the help of buckles-locks.
Reinforced knee area.

Additional information: Designed to protect against water, dirt, rain, snow, as well as against seawater, salt, grease, oil products, chemical solutions, biological agents and radioactive particles. The suit is easy to use. Ideal for oilmen, sailors, fishermen, cleaners and other working professions.
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