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KLARKO - sealed water-resistant and chemical-resistant clothing and shoes

Light protective suit L-1 (LZK)

Light protective suit L-1 (LZK)

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The costume set includes:
Straight-cut hooded jacket - 1 pc.
Semi-overalls on straps with ties - 1 pc.
Protective gloves - 1 pair
Storage and carrying bag - 1 pc.
Plastic pins (buckle type) - 6 pcs.
Memo on how to use the suit - 1 pc.

The material of the L-1 suit: single-layer fabric with one-sided rubber coating, the thickness of the applied rubber layer is up to 0.3 mm, resistant to abrasion, the action of acids and alkalis.
The L-1 suit will be made from green BCC fabric.

Compliance with standards:
DSTU EN ISO 13688:2016
DSTU EN 343:2015
DSTU EN 13034:2017
DSTU EN 14605:2017

The L-1 suit comes in 3 sizes and is chosen depending on the shoes a person wears:
1 suit size – for shoes of size 40-42
2 suit size - for shoes size 43-44
3 suit size - for shoes size 45-47

Design features of the suit:
The suit does not restrict the user's mobility. The suit consists of one-piece semi-overalls with ties and a jacket with a fitted hood.
The sleeves of the jacket have cuffs that fit the wrist and end with loops that are put over the thumb after wearing gloves.
The hood is fixed on the neck with a ribbon and plastic pins. The bottom of the jacket is tightened with an elastic band and equipped with an adjustable groin belt.
The semi-jumpsuit is held in place with two straps and half-ring buckles and is fixed at the bottom with whips with a buckle fastening. The seams and the place where the parts are sharpened are sealed with a special protective tape.
Requirements for the functional characteristics of the suit:
The temperature range of the suit is from – 40°С to + 40°С.
The weight of the suit, depending on the size: from 3.3 to 3.7 kg.
The seams and the place where the parts are sharpened are sealed with a special protective tape.
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