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KLARKO - sealed water-resistant and chemical-resistant clothing and shoes

Hermetic overalls

Hermetic overalls

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Manufacturer: LLC "YUKOV LTD" (TM KLARKO), Ukraine.

Upper material: high-tech plastic based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride), nitrile rubber and with a special protective coating

Olive (material density 750 g/sq.m)
Pomarachevy (material density 500 g/sq.m)

Boot material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Size range: from 41 to 47

Material with nitrile provides tightness, water resistance, chemical protection, protection against concentrated organic and inorganic reagents, particles of finely dispersed solids, powders, biologically hazardous substances, biological agents and radioactive dust.
Compared to ordinary PVC fabrics, this fabric has a much higher resistance to mechanical influences.
The material of the suit is resistant to temperature changes and ultraviolet light - it does not break, does not crack, retains all protective properties and allows working at low temperatures up to -40°C, the upper temperature limit - up to +40°C.

The overalls are made by the welding method, which guarantees 100% tightness and waterproofness.

Anatomical free cut makes it easy to move, bend and squat while wearing a suit even in winter clothes. The overalls also have a hood that can be tightened with a drawstring. A strong zipper covers the leak-proof collar, which prevents liquids from getting inside the suit and ensures convenient putting on and taking off the jumpsuit. In addition, the zipper is protected against mechanical damage by a protective bar. The end of the sleeves is tightened with an elastic band. There is an increase in the knees.

The chemical protection suit is designed to protect the skin and basic clothing of workers from water, chemically poisonous and aggressive substances, disinfectants; influence of solutions of acids and alkalis; the influence of fats, oils, oil and petroleum products; general production pollution, as well as for the protection of skin and basic clothing, working during disinfection, decontamination, emergency, repair and construction, assembly and dismantling and other types of work.

The suit is worn over the main clothing when performing work at nuclear power plants, mines, mining and beneficiation enterprises for the extraction and processing of radioactive elements and emergency and rescue measures of units for the elimination of emergency situations, as well as at enterprises with a high level of danger, when carrying out work, work with disinfection of premises, shops, tanks.
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