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KLARKO - sealed water-resistant and chemical-resistant clothing and shoes

Multicam sniper saboteur camouflage suit with night vision protection

Multicam sniper saboteur camouflage suit with night vision protection

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Camouflage suit of a sniper saboteur

Fabric: Cordura Multicam ripstop of increased wear resistance

Composition: 50% polyamide and 50% cotton

Density: 230 g/sq.m

Protective properties of the suit:

- water resistance: at least 4000 mm

- heat resistance

- IRR (does not contrast in 2nd and 3rd generation night vision devices)

- friction resistance: 40,000 cycles

The suit consists of an anorak and trousers.

Saboteur sniper mask jacket with 7 cm by 7 cm square stitched mesh on the hood, shoulders, back sleeves.

- The jacket is wide, anatomic with a zipper with 2 runners, has 2 through pockets with a zipper for easy access to equipment under the jacket, ammunition,

- equipped with a zipper under the armpits for additional ventilation;

- ties at the waist and at the bottom of the jacket, the back of the jacket is longer;

- hood with three adjustments, around the face, around the head and in height under the helmet;

- detachable face cape made of camouflaged, anti-mosquito net;

- Hood with a small visor;

- the sleeves are tightened above the elbow and the elbow pad is made of strong Cordura;

- the bottom of the sleeve is fixed by Velcro (Velcro).

Suit pants:
- equipped with straps above the knee;

- they have "pockets" for knee pads (we can supplement with knee pads made of foam + UAH 230, or foam with a shock-resistant cup + UAH 550), the outer part in the area of the knees is doubled with strong cordura;

- have an oblique, convenient through pocket with a zipper to slip under pants;

- have fasteners for suspenders;

- the bottom of the trousers is tightened with an elastic band and velcro.

Made for sizes: 48 - 54.

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